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 Passport-Immigration-Visa Photos

(Most ID photos can be completed and instantly printed in a ten-minute studio session.)

Having your passport, visa, or other ID photograph produced by a professional photographer may cost a few dollars more, but is well worth having it done right the first time. If your passport or visa photo  is rejected, it can be very inconvenient, time-consuming and costly. At Fairview Studio, we guarantee that your passport or visa photo will be officially accepted, or we will re-do it at no charge.  In addition, many of our clients have ordered extra prints, or a digital file copy for their email stationery,  just because they like the way the pictures have turned out. Our ID photos are done with expert lighting and posing techniques that, while adhering to official requirements, can also be flattering. We will  take the time, and will often make several exposures, to help you achieve a pleasant expression that you can live with for the years you will have your picture on your official document.

We specialize not only in standard US passport photographs, but can also complete the special sizes and  requirements for many foreign passport, visa and citizenship photographs, including Canadian passport photos, British passport photos, German passport photos, Indian passport photos, and all biometric passport photos. If you are not sure, please bring along the instructions and specifications for your photographs so that we  can accurately complete them for you right away.  Please keep in mind that we are not a passport agent, but a photo service only and do not produce or supply any actual identification documents.

As a bonus, the entire purchase price, (less taxes,) of standard US passport photographs completed at Fairview Photography Studio  can be applied within 60 days to any of our other regular-priced photo sessions .